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PLAN for 2018 & Beyond

Contest Deadline:

February 16, 2018
Your nonprofit organization could win a free training session (valued at $2,500).

Enter Nonprofit Boom's 

PLAN for 2018 & Beyond Contest!
The mission of Nonprofit Boom is to provide leadership training to growing nonprofits. We believe in supporting the nonprofit community

and helping it grow. One U.S.-based organization will receive a FREE training session in 2018.

We specialize in guiding nonprofit organizations through the transition from an all-volunteer board of directors to hiring that first staff member! 

The nonprofit sector is exploding. There are 1.5 MILLION nonprofit organizations registered in the US. Last year, individual donations reached a high of $390.05 BILLION. More than 62 million people volunteer each year.  

Don't miss your opportunity! Be part of the Nonprofit Boom.

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We help you identify the ways your nonprofit can advance its mission. Let's put together a real plan of action that will move your organization forward. 

Leadership Training for Growing Nonprofits

​​Your nonprofit needs a fundraising plan or someone to plan a special event/conference? We get the job done without you having the stress of hiring an employee.